Created as part of the Gamification strategy for the Thai 138 VIP Team. Each avatar is linked to a precious metal; the more precious the metal, the higher the level of the player’s avatar – from iron through silver to gold and platinum.  We created 3 concepts based on the form of the new 138 logo. The shape of the avatars echo the brand architecture.

The avatars are designed to encourage connection and make the experience as immersive as possible for the player. At each point, players are working towards the next avatar VIP level for increased status and prestige. As they advance and obtain the next level avatar it unlocks greater bonuses and perks for players.

The VIP levels are > Iron Knight (Pictured – player’s first avatar) > Bronze Baron  > Silver Prince (Pictured) > Gold King (Pictured) > Platinium Emperor (Top Level)

  • Designer Uxue Peroneille
  • Agency Mojito